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Do you get tired of losing your lists? 

Do you forget to add important tasks to your calendar?

Do you wish you had a better system in place to organize your entire family?

I have just the thing for you!

I'm a to-do list person and hyper type-a. When Heather told me that I had to stop making my to-do lists on post-it notes and should start using Trello...I was resistant. To help me out she sent me a few of her own Trello boards with short videos explaining how to use them. WOAH! Life changing! My entire life is now in Trello thanks to Heather! I've saved so much time by having all of my business and family to-dos in one place. Heather makes it super easy to understand and even easier to implement!

Monica Froese
Founder of Redefining Mom

Do you feel totally overwhelmed? Like pull your hair and and start throwing things overwhelmed?

Let me guess... You made a grocery list and now you can't find it in the piles of papers around your house. Your kid brought home papers from school that require you to send supplies back for the classroom to use weeks from now. Your spouse dropped the mail on the counter but didn't bother to sort through it....

The answer? Think Trello, of course. 

Heather’s Think Trello for Families course is fantastic! I never thought you could use Trello to organize your family life. I had always used it for my business. I struggle with being organized but Trello has changed that! Personally, when it comes to how to organize in a tool that is supposed to help you organize, it’s all about being consistent in how you do it. Heather’s course really helps you understand how to use Trello without feeling overwhelmed. The videos are helpful and give me a better understanding of how to use the tool overall. Her templates really help you get started too!

Susan Cabezas
Founder of Modern Frugal Mom

Meet Heather, Trello Fanatic & Founder of Blissful Intent

I love Trello... possibly more than any other organization tool I've ever used. When I have conversations with other business owners or moms like myself I refer to lists, cards and boards I have in Trello during our conversations. 

They inquire further so I show them my boards and every time I hear, "Wow I wish I had that..." 

I have found a way to run my business, communicate with clients and best of all organize my family beyond comprehension. I've heard moms say they don't know how to use Trello, or they have used it but don't feel it's working for them. 

I'm going to show you exactly how I use my Trello boards to stay organized in my family and save hours of time and years of sanity.